Pipe & Pipe Accessories

Trading of Pipe & Pipe Accessories for on-shore & off-shore Oil & gas fields & Pipeline Projects.

But-weld fittings: Carbon steel & stainless steel seamless and welded but-weld fittings.

Forged fittings: Carbon steel & stainless-steel forged fittings, as well as malleable iron.

Flanges: Carbon steel & stainless-steel flanges (weld neck, slip-ont blind, socket weld, RTJ and screwed)

Valves: Cast steel/stainless steel/cast iron, brass & bronze: gate, globe, check, ball and foot valves, relief and reducing valves, butterfly valves.

Carbon steel welded: Sizes 16" to 96", spiral & straight seam, coated pipes - 3LPP/3LPE external, FBE internal coated pipes.

Seamless pipes: 1/2" to 10" line pipe - API grade B to X70, SCH40 to XXS, Casing 4 1/2" to 9 5/8" - API 5CT: threaded type: BTC/LTC/STC.

ERW/HFI pipes: Large diameter HFW/ERW pipe mill — dia.: 8" to 25" wt: 4mm to 24mm length: 6 meters to 18.50 meters — specs: API 5L/ ISO 3183, API 5CT, external & internal coating.

Small diameter HFW/ERW pipe mill — dia.: 3" to 10" — WT: 2.5mm to 16mm — length: 5.5 meters to 15 meters specs: API 51/ ISO 3183, API ASTM, external & internal coating.

Ductile iron pipes: : Sizes 3" to 40", C40 /C30 /C25, outside coating — metallic zinc / zinc alloy /epoxy/polyurethanet inside coating cement lining, ceramic epoxy, polyurethane.

Gaskets: Asbestos, neoprene, rubber, spring wound gaskets (asbestos filler, Teflon filler) with carbon steel or stainless steel ring gaskets.

  • Bolts and nuts & washers.
  • Stainless steel & carbon steel sheets & plates.

Dismantling joints, flange adaptors, flexible coupling, expansion joints, water pressure reducing valves, water meters.

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